June 24, 2010

Another answer to my prayers

I could not have found a better answer to the unspoken prayers in my posts last night. I send you to Syd, who is sharing about his an experience with an alcoholic spouse. What he shares in italics, is easily what I could be trying to say to my mother who has Borderline Personality disorder.

Perhaps this may speak to your broken heart, as it did to mine today. Thank you Syd!
How could we be any more different?


  1. Thanks Smitty. It is felt from the heart. I am grateful for a program of recovery.

  2. Smitty. . . I too have a BPD in my life - my daughter - and she brought me to Al Anon. Dealing with this mental illness is so difficult because their thinking is so distorted. I have found a lot of comfort in your blog as well as Syd's. Yesterday when I read his posting I also felt that it was the story of my life. This program has saved my life and I will be forever grateful. It has taught me to take one minute at a time and to fine serenity when I can - which is more and more often the longer I work at the program.


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