October 8, 2010

Miracles for the Taking

Do I see my life as a miracle?  Surely if you looked at how I narrowly missed being dismissed forever as mentally ill, you would say my present life is nothing short of miracle. 

When hope was deemed as a foolish proposition by the psychiatric community, I found Emotions Anonymous.   In EA I learned that no situation is really hopeless. Others before me had been to mental hospitals and found their way to satisfying lives that did not include medications. No one in EA told me full recovery was a pipe dream.  

Later,  in Al-anon, I was humbled when I met others who had also known frustration, anger, disappointment, and anxiety, yet had learned to live serene and even happy lives with alcoholic family members.

In both fellowship paths I found "the program, the tools that lead to serenity and the gift of recovery are mine for the taking along with the support I need." Being guided to EA and to Al-anon were miracles that continue to guide my recovery and transform the way I view my life. 

Maybe miracles always  were working in my life, but I did not recognize them.  Like the author of today's reading, "[t]oday I am aware of many gifts and wonders because I am actively practicing gratitude. So I thank my Higher Power for little things as well as big ones."  When I  take time for gratitude  it helps me live in a world filled with beauty.  

Today I am grateful for a friend that welcomed my bringing a dinner to her family (she is housebound), and the country drive that took me there, on a warm sunny Southeast October afternoon. 

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
-- Albert Einstein


  1. There are so many small miracles that happen each day. Many people simply aren't aware of them.

  2. What I find is this: A miracle must be appreciated.... in order to be seen..


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