October 1, 2010

Small Changes, One Day at a Time

Today over tea and bagels,  a friend and I commiserated over how our lives compared against the ideals we had for ourselves.  After we parted company, I studied the reading for September 30th and found perspective. I paraphrased it for us to reflect on together.

Now I share it here: 

What if I have been given a lifetime to learn just a few things about myself?  Maybe I can view my whole life as a series of experiments, some of which have failed, while others have succeeded. Maybe each trial just points the way to fresh experiences.

Why try to tackle all of my perceived problems at once? 

Just for today, let me try one small change in one  behavior that repeatedly causes me problems, and see what happens.  For example, if I have a habitual way of responding to a particular situation or person. I may have a negative attitude when getting out of bed, a task at work,  or in asking for help. Or I may have a habitual way of approaching authority figures that gets me into trouble.

What if, just for today, I try a different approach or attitude.  I can think  of it as research and learn from whatever happens.

"This day is all I have to work with. The past is over, and tomorrow is out of my reach. I will try to remember what a great gift this day can be and make full use of it."

I can't think of anything to add or change in the reminder for this day. Can you?

"Just for today I will look for ways to enjoy life--stop by a garden, try a new hobby, or call a good friend. I can look for humor. I can savor love. I can explore something new. Maybe just for today, I'll try standing on my head to see if I like the view."

"Just for Today I will have a quiet time of meditation wherein I shall shall think of my Higher Power, of myself, and of my neighbor. I shall relax and seek truth." Emotions Anonymous Just for Today #9

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  1. What a great thing to remember each day. There is much good even in those days when things aren't so great.


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