March 1, 2011

Taking Care of Me

I continue to be amazed at how frequently my program is supported by the  work I do in psychology.  This past fall, my therapist pointed out how differently she cares for herself than I do.  She intuitively knows when to take time off.

Reading the CTC for February 25th is keenly apropos.

Dysfunction in a family tends to promote neglect of self.   Consequently, I never learned how to take care of myself when I didn't feel well. Even with a high fever I went about my business just as I would any other day. Anything else seemed self-indulgent and weak. I've accepted depression and anxiety the same way, as well as aches and pains.

In our program I have had a chance to discover a different way to take care of myself. I see others giving themselves extra attention when they are sick or hurt or suffering mentally. They rest when they feel tired. They sometimes take a mental health day. They eat balanced diets. They see doctors when it seems appropriate.

By following the examples of other program members, I am learning to accept that I cannot always feel on top of the world and to respond more lovingly to myself when I am down. It is just one more area where I am letting go of my unrealistic expectations. Maybe illness is something my Higher Power uses to tell me to be good to myself.

I am not a robot. Sometimes I get sick, or tired, or pre-occupied. I will make an effort to learn what I can do to help myself feel better.

"It is crucial to be diligent about taking care of ourselves, especially during stressful periods." All Our Affairs

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