March 9, 2011

Doubt, Everyman's Truest Companion

It is a daily struggle, to know what is my will and what is God's. While war is waged within me, and I am urged to take one path over the other, I lose my serenity.

Lest I think I am unique, let me remember doubt is a part of every spiritual path.  I have no trail guide, as an explorer I must ever challenge my choices and perceptions.

In much the same spirit as yesterday's quote, the author of March 9th's CTC explains,  “When I feel a desperate urge to act, it is usually my will that is pushing, and when I feel a calm certainty, it is usually God's.”

If only I could have such a clear indication of which path to take! Instead, I might wait for clarity or share my confusion with others.  In listening closely for guidance, or in hearing the wisdom of others, I may discern a clearer choice.

Or I may just make any decision or take an action, and see what happens. I can make new choices as I witness what is revealed.  Any choice I make can be used for good.The author shares, “any choice I make can be used to carry out [God's] will,” because I’m turning over my will and life to Him.   

“My uncertainty is not a fault, but an opportunity. Everything I do and everything that crosses my path--people, places, ideas--all have the potential to contribute to my growth and understanding. Just for today, I don't have to know what that contribution will be.”

"If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”  Francis Bacon


  1. I read somewhere recently that the opposite of faith is not doubt, it is certainty.

    I don't have certainty but I have a little faith with my doubt. For that I am grateful.

  2. I thank you for your insight. The opposite of faith is certainty, eh? Well, I think that is an especially poignant thought tonight, as I travel in the dark, trying to be faithful for my son, who was especially powerless over his emotions tonight and tantrum-ing at me when I tried to comfort and reassure him. The message I got was that I was a failure. In fact, any certainty and confidence I tried to communicate to him just made him flail more. It was tough for me to witness.... to see him hurt himself and to have my words and pats do nothing for him. I held gently to my faith, even as I doubted that I knew what to do. He sleeps now, and the only faith I have is that he has enough compassion for himself that he can cry. And I had enough compassion for him to stand and witness and not run away. Faith and doubt were partners tonight. I am not sure which "won."


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