April 7, 2011

APRIL 7, Choices, Courage and Confidence

I love the universal nature of this reading from the Today Book in EA.  I also find it helpful to remember that the word, decision, is derived from old roots meaning: to cut away.

All I have are these twenty- four hours. Each second, minute, and hour I have a choice. Do I realize how many choices I do make each day, however, small they are? I am responsible when I am making decisions. Each choice I make helps me to grow. Some decisions I make might be right, some might be wrong, but I grow from all of them. I gain more confidence with each decision I make.

MEDITATION FOR TODAY Give me the courage to make decisions. 

TODAY I WILL REMEMBER The worst choice may be to make no choice, but even that is a choice.

FROM: TODAY BOOK, (emotionsanonymous.org) "(C)Copyright Emotions Anonymous, used with permission of the EA International Service Center" (Third printing, 1991)." 

Let me also share the recent Dear Abby column which recommends EA. I think Abby would have done well to mention that AA might be the person's first priority meeting to attend, but I am not complaining that EA is receiving long-awaited recognition from this!



  1. I like the idea not making a choice is also making a decision.
    Kind of like voting

  2. I think that today my decisions are not based on reaction. I can truly use THINK and then act.


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