April 23, 2011

Hospitals and Healing, Last Retrospectives

I've yet to experience the hospital as using a true model of healing, but it beats worse treatment. Used to be they put us in dungeons with chains to hold us to the wall. 

Still I find it sad, and alienating, that few hospital staff reach across the divide between us and them.  We are people just stuck in our own minds, and who are afraid.  I find it interesting that my fellow patients are the kind and insightful ones, so maybe our society IS kinder and gentler today.   

I am grateful we have an EA meeting in my hometown, where I can begin to reconstruct the truth of my experience. I can share my narrative, FINALLY, and receive compassion.  Mostly I share that with a sponsor or trusted friend in EA, privately, and am only sharing publicly, as part of my anniversary journey.

I try to speak only from my own experience, but of course, I am human. In order to stay sane, I tell my story understanding that I may not be alone in these experiences. 

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