May 13, 2011

Living at Peace with Unsolved Problems

I am grateful for all the friends (many of whom are not in program).... that understand how huge it is for me to live at peace with a move that is not yet in focus.  We don't know who is going where, and we don't know when the axe is going to fall, and we only have the dimmest of imaginings on the how ....

Today, I crossed paths with two friends I had been hoping to see, one joined me in water-walking at the  pool and I recognized another on the way out of the shoe store today. It felt good to see them both and to feel cared about and also know that I was, as one program friend said today, being pretty level headed about our upcoming changes.

Still, it is a challenge for me to be at peace with uncertainty. Just for today I and my HP have a handle on it.   I feel anxiety ONLY when I try to second-guess reality and try to get myself to figure something out before I have enough information to work with.  

I pray each day for a good balance, to be happy in the moment but not in denial about the changes to come....

Just found out our house has be reassessed for a good bit less this year than last.  So it goes.  My Inner Eeyore could have had a lot to say about the house going down in value. The more level-headed side of me said, well, it's only imaginary money anyways. 


  1. You are in good company with the housing market. Many people have lost their shirt. It may rebound. There is nothing that I can do.

  2. As somebody with a genetic disease manifesting often as "mood disorders", I find myself wondering how much of my anxiety is tied to the brain damage of my physical body. Although I have been a program person for way more than half my life, nobody can answer it for me; the doctors don't know enough about brains. Sometimes living at peace with anxiety (yep, I wrote that) is the only option.

  3. Thanks, anonymous, for stopping by... bringing my memory back to May.... I hope we can continue the exploration of how much of our mood disorders are physical. I have a mood disorder and a brain disorder.. and I have learned that how I take care of my physical body.. exercise, steady blood sugar, whole foods... and meditation ... all affect my mood....


I welcome your thoughts. Keep me honest~