July 15, 2011

I Set My Intention to Being at Peace with Others' Boundaries

I am powerless over my emotions and others', and other people, places, things.  But I am not powerless over my attitude. 

Attitude and intention go hand in hand, I think.  I am so grateful to be reminded of the importance of intentions. I am setting my intention today: I will do my best to be at peace with boundaries set by others, and go a different path when someone brandishes a sword in a mean-a**ed way to defend a boundary. 

I willingly follow rules that make sense to me. Sometimes I follow rules that don't make sense, just for the sake of learning.  And sometimes I am that person who bends rules. It is a creativity thing. I don't necessarily think creativity is the end-all-be-all. Sometimes being creative is a plain pain in the rear and it can also be extremely inopportune.  

I like making my own rules for living, as long as they don't hurt anyone.  Rules are boundaries. Good boundaries are ones that flex when necessary, in my humble opinion.

I believe healthy boundaries also hold us to a standard: To set and maintain them we need not hurt anyone else. When we are all about the righteous act of making sure someone ELSE honors group boundaries, this standard can be violated.  

I like the Slogan, Know yourself be honest.  I ask myself this day, have I hurt anyone deliberately in trying to enforce a rule? 

I have been at the receiving end of someone's doing this to me. They threatened to do war on the part of me that was gently playing quotes into my program shares.  I've chosen to make peace with their war, by getting quiet. I've stepped in closer to the  essential me, and am looking inside using my HP's eyes.

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  1. Boundaries are important and not getting hooked into the drama of others is one of mine. Easy does it comes to mind.


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