July 16, 2011

Sponsorship and Unconditional Love

I am very grateful to have attended a meeting today about Sponsorship.  I shared about how my main Sponsor is someone I know only online. This group looked at me with interest, wondering just how that worked!  

I also am grateful for the member (one of few male attendees) who came back into the room after the meeting to say, "Smitty, I need to give YOU a hug!"  I was so glad, because often I am a hug initiator. I felt a little less like a pushy-person today, because someone sought me out instead.

What really made it great was that he turned to me to  give his daughter (she is the most present person I know and young woman of few words) a hug too, and looked right at me as he did so. He said, "So many of us did not get THIS growing up. That is why I came back to give you a hug."

Yes, that is the power of meeting fellow-shipping, when old-timers stick around to make sure that newbies like me get the message. We are about unconditional love and healing.

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  1. Being able to express joy and love to others is a wonderful thing. I truly love my sponsor.


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