August 17, 2011

From the Personal Side

Three things I need to share, as part of my "spoken" Step Eleven. 

First,  we are still awaiting news about the closure of my husband's workplace and wondering when and to where he will be relocated. At my best, I see us as being in the palm of God's loving hands.  As one EA sputnik shared a few days ago,"Be still and know that I am God."  At some moments, I am peace with our uncertainty.  

Second, I've big gratitude that I would like to dwell on more than I already do: Our son is healing remarkably from his broken leg.  Two more weeks and even the "crowd-controlling" velcro cast will be removed. Right now it is on the floor of our den, while he enjoys unprotected time at home.

My third is an unresolved concern needing a different kind of prayer.  DH has discovered persistent blood in his urine this past few days. He is a runner, and runs some 40 miles each week. It could be that, but he has never had such symptoms like this before.  Today he made a commitment to be at the doctor's office on Monday morning.  I do know a few of the other risk factors. Because DH experienced cancer the year our son was born, he has had radiation follow ups a few years ago.  Radiation creates a risk of other cancers, bladder among them. 

There, I have put words to my fear of the C word.  Here is where I set my intent: God willing my husband will not go through conventional treatment this time if he has a new cancer.  He is already missing one organ: which has presented its own, permanent side effects.  God willing DH will travel with me, to think through the alternatives so we may help him heal rather than remove or harm more of his body. 

God are you willing, and will you help me guide us with humble authority? 


  1. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. I'm thankfully for these wonderful tools to get us through each day.

  2. I will keep you and your family in my prayers Smitty. Glad he's going to the doctor.
    It's tough not knowing.

  3. I am always grateful for prayers. Thanks Simply Me and Marcia!

    It helps me to dwell in prayer, not denial....


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