September 24, 2011

Creativity, I Must Have It!

I don't know about others, but I need creativity for my growth in program.  Creativity is not necessarily original thinking.  It is just being wiling to try something new, to see how it might enhance my recovery.  

I hamper my ability to develop creativity when I think: 

I am not a creative person
I must follow all the rules
I can't question, especially those in authority
I need to avoid being "different"
I must stay within the lines
There is only one right way to do this!
I better not act foolish
I must be practical and serious
This is not logical 
What will people think?

 I feel my creativity stifled, when I hear,

"That is not practical."
"It's never been done that way."
"That can't be done."
"It didn't work that way for them."
"We've tried that before."
"It is too much work."
"We can't afford to make a mistake."
"It will be too hard to administer."
"We don't have the money."
"Yes, but.."
"Playfulness is silly and a waste of everyone's time."

The most perplexing for me is when I make a suggestion and am told, "I cannot see us ever doing it that way." 

Say what? Are you sure you're not trying to goad me into action?   ;)

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  1. I like these. I say "let's try". We will do our best and if one way doesn't work, another just might.


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