September 26, 2011

I find myself taking Step Three over and over again. Unfortunately, I often wait until a problem starts to overwhelm me before I finally give in and turn it over to my Higher Power. I am doing my best to place my entire will and life in my Higher Power's hands, with the willingness to accept His or Her will for me, no matter what.

The awareness I have gained in Program, helps me understand things rarely work out the way I'd hoped, by doing things my way.  Things work out better when I give up my will, and  listen when the inner voice quietly nudges me in the direction of my Higher Power's choosing. Only when I let go and trust my inner voice does my life become fulfilling.

I will have days when I make my Will into my Higher Power. Even then, I still have a choice.  I can hold on to my will until the situation becomes so painful that I am forced to let go. Or I can choose to put my personal energy into some small action that will do the most good, and purposefully surrender the rest to my Higher Power's care.

What do I most need to turn over today  to a Higher Power? Let me look at what I most desire to control, today. I can ask myself,   "Are my efforts to control that area of my life making my life better and more manageable?  Are they doing any good at all?" 

"I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever  I place in God's hands, that I still possess."  Martin Luther

Adapted from Courage to Change, Sept 25

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  1. I have come to trust that I cannot be a substitute for my HP. When I try, I become miserable and forget what the program teaches. I am launched back into feeling bad and my life does become unmanageable.


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