October 29, 2011

Big Picture Thinking, applied

I tend to be a person who looks at the larger picture, especially when I sense conflict. When I was in a low place, the Steps showed me there was a way out of my dark corner.   They helped me claim a larger life two decades ago, and then again when I renewed my commitment in fall 2005.   

I see the Twelve-Step framework, as boldly encouraging Big Picture Thinking.  Ours is a path that others have found to be healing, that is why the action in each of the Twelve is presented in the past tense. Those Steps... One to Twelve, document a path that extends far beyond my current, limited view.  Someone before me completed them. And I can complete them in my own way, too!

In this program, I get a sense that I fit into bigger whole, and that I will learn from others, as well as my own, experiences.  

The concept of Big Picture thinking (and the ten more to come) originate from "How Successful People Think, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life," by John C. Maxwell.  The application to program is unique to me.

The Big Picture thinking of the Program provide a general map... showing me that where I am and where I have been are just one phase in a grand scheme of development. Or I can see myself as being in a particular season of my recovery.  

Big Picture thinking is also in the Slogan, This too shall pass. My despair will pass. I will find strength and self-love by looking within.  The path of recovery begins in my time of deep Winter.  Step One.  I know from our Twelve Steps, that there will be time of mourning, a time of regrowth and a time of Harvest. I will partake and I will share my story to help others have hope too, just as Step Twelve promises. The time of looking within will help me grow into being able to help others in their time of need. 


  1. I like this idea of looking at our "stage" as part of a phase of life..the big picture.

    I feel I'm able to do this, although I am very solution orientated. It's hard to wait for a phase to pass, and Alanon has helped me with this.

    Thanks for the EA info. I have looked into meetings in our area. I also found another blog about it.

  2. Yes, thanks for stopping by, Lou. When I see myself as being in a Season of my life, helps understand that all is transitory.

    The blog you shared is our Today readings online! I guess it really would be better if the person had not made our book available online as it is copyrighted, but the blog was created by a member to make more folks aware of EA.

    PS: I am wondering if it would be helpful to coin the term "Higher Perspective" for "Big Picture Thinking." Might be more in keeping with our language. HP would be the acronym....

  3. I try to see things from many sides. I guess that is a big picture view. I am grateful to have had training in details, yet be able to see things more broadly. Lots of gratitude in my life today.


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