October 17, 2011

The Tenth Step: Keeping the Baggage Light

October 14th's reading in Courage to Change is the model for this share:

It begins with this saying, "Do not search for the truth,  only cease to cherish opinions."  This for me, is part of a daily Tenth Step, whose daily invitation is to let go of such baggage. 

Whatever I find wrong in the world,  is related to those cherished opinions of prejudice, self-righteousness, assumptions and expectations. 

Step Ten lets me take a look each day to see where I need to make corrections, especially in the areas where I tend to make frequent mistakes.  

I may have assumed that I alone "have the inside track on how everything should be done."  Or considered other people to be too short-sighted to recognize my great truth.   Have I  decided that ignoring my feelings is practical, even desirable? Do I think I can run my whole life without trusting in my Higher Power?  Reality could prove me wrong. I need to evaluate the results, of my attempts to control reality, using Step Ten. 

A daily check-in helps me be aware of where I might be sliding back into faulty thinking. I need not abuse myself when I slip, for that simply makes the correction more painful. "By promptly admitting when I am wrong, I am doing what I can to change."

To change the thinking of a lifetime, is not an easy task. I want to change--how much harder it might be for a person for whom change is very threatening! 

"No longer must we accumulate burdens of guilt or resentment that will become heavier and more potent over time. Each day, each new moment can be an opportunity to clear the air and start again, fresh and free." ... In All Our Affairs

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  1. I like being able to start again, whenever I need to.


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