November 16, 2011

A Bit of the Simple

I've been attempting to prepare for a holidays season with NO expectations, and that got me thinking about our acronym,  KISS. I never did like the usual end note to that Slogan.  

And so, I've done a "simple" exercise, in  hopes of  bringing a smile to a season that can be challenging for many...

I start in easy....

Keep It Simple So… (you can keep it)
Keep is Simple, Surely
Keep it Sweet and Simple

then silly...

Keep it Simple, Silly
Keep it Simple Sally
Keep it Simple Susie
Keep it Simple Sarah
Keep it Simple Sandy
Keep it Simple Sam

and then get in the spirit...

Keep it Simple Santa

Keep it Simple Says ME!  (KISS ME)  ... ho ho ho..
The "Keep it Simple Season" is here!  Do-be-do-be-doo-bee---   DOO!

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