November 1, 2011

Time for Fall Reflection...

I love the power of "wee." I must have gotten a bit long winded with that last post. Smaller is beautiful.

Anyways in the name of simplicity, I will just share that I am taking  a few days and spending it in the mountains. We may not ever again live so close to  high paths that take us deep into nature, and her peace. So, time to take to the trails.

Leaving family and the day-to-day behind for Reflective Thinking, which is, as you'd likely guess, exactly what Step Eleven means to me. I'll be praying to the Higher Power around me in within me, as I take the trail step-by-step.

Yesterday, as I made final plans, arranging my camping spot for the second night (by phone), the ranger explained why the campsite is only reservable by talking to the state park directly: they want to make sure folks don't get in over their heads, trying to access a remote, steep and waterless part of the park.  Needless to say, they helped me revise my plans. I will miss the exquisite beauty of the highest peaks in my nearby state, but I will also enjoy my trip a lot  more.

I'll certainly have more time for reflection. I might even feel a little lazy...


  1. I hope that you enjoy the trip. Sounds awesome. Catching up here, Smitty. I am way behind on comments on blogs.

  2. Oh Syd, tis quite enough to keep up with our own blogs. I always and ever welcome your comments. This time I hope to post pictures to accompany my words!

    Thanks for stopping by~

  3. I have to spend some amount of time in solitude and fresh air every day. Luckily (and blessedly) I live by much natural area, woods, lakes, etc.

    There is nothing like communing with our Higher Power in nature. Enjoy!


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