December 18, 2011

The Steps beginning to Round

But did I really jump 10 steps ahead only to "fall back down" to Step One?  Not if I see the Steps on a clock face with 12 at the top, and 11 at an eleven o-'clock position. 

And myself at the Center. 

With this image in mind, I can make sense of my having to move to Step Eleven in order for introspection, then forward to Step Twelve to "apply" a program principle to my current affairs. When I needed to reclaim humility and admit where I was still powerless, Step One was easily reachable. In a meeting I might find myself readying to "take" Step Two, because  belief in a Higher Power looks really easy when I see recovery in other program participants' victories.  But then I might naturally move back to the Center of my circle, to reconsider.  And step back into to Step Eleven for integration, introspection and continued prayer. 

I suspect that my recovery had me moving back and forth on this arc, between 11 and 2 until it felt more easeful, and I became ready to move on. 

As I "made up" my own particular dance, I found myself on a moving wheel,  beginning to move naturally through the Steps. With a  bit more practice,  I gained enough experience to strengthen my belief (in Step Two) AND become  willing (in Step Three) to turn my life over more and more to my HP.

With the active faith in a Higher Power, I would find the courage necessary for Step Four.  


  1. I've read this post today 3 times! WHAT a better way for me to think of the steps in your clock opposed to a linear way I had been thinking. Rather than going "all the way back" to step one, I can just move over to Step One'oclock. Nice! Thank you.

  2. Yes, I share because it really helped me forgive myself for NOT being more systematic. I do better at an image of dancing the steps. Had to wait for the inspired moment to have it come into words that worked for other people too.

    Thank you for validating that it might just work for someone besides just myself!

  3. Thank you for sharing Smitty! What a great way to view the steps. I heard last year at one of the conventions that "I move forward to step one, two and three". I LOVED that perspective, because I don't feel like I fall or move back to one, two, and three, I simply move forward to them again and revisit from a new place. I'm also a visual person and this is great! Have a wonderful day!


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