January 3, 2012

Pain, the Tenderest Teacher

Tonight I am realizing too well the relationship between frustration, anger and pain.

I am powerless over my pain. It too shall pass. Accepting it, not fighting it, seems to be key.

Where do I carry my pain today? In my jaw, the back of my neck and into my upper shoulder. It is all perceptible on my right side because I am severely right handed.  Tonight I am thankful that there is one effort that is not strictly done with the right side: typewriting.  But still I must leave the screen for I carry the weight of my emotions on my forward slumping shoulders.

My pain is fiery. When I sat in full meditation tonight,  for the first time in almost a month, it spoke to me. It said, "I am your anger."    Funny, I used to think anger my best power. Now it bows my head, until I understand its message. Be kind. Be kind.


  1. I carry my frustrations and anger in the same way... keeping you in my prayers and hoping you feel better soon. Let go and let god.

  2. I could think of all kinds of words to put here. Truth is that I have felt what you feel. I don't believe I need to say more than that.

  3. oh dear
    My pain is physiological as well - prayers your way friend.


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