February 22, 2012

Count down to flying....

I am not going to count down the days, yet. Because I don't know exactly when my husband will relocate to the new job site.

He needs to be in his new job by our anniversary in mid-June. Movers will move us, up to 18,000 pounds, which right now I cannot comprehend. I've already weighed a box of hypothetical books to see how many it would take to make 18,000 pounds. The box of books I weighed was a shelf-long and it weighed 25 pounds.  Um. Doesn't that mean I have room in that truck for 18 times 40 of such boxes?   A reference point to consider as I de-clutter. Still unfathomable when I think of furniture and everything else from our household.

We are thinking to put our house on the market around April 1st. I just don't think we are going to have much traffic until then, really.  

That buys me  time to de-clutter. De-clutter. How many times can I say that word and get myself excited? De-clutter. Hasn't happened yet.

One day at a time.

Checked off my list: our son's last regular dental visit.  Today, magazine sifting.   

I did get excited that someone wants some of my parenting magazines, the ones that are dated from 1994. Mothering Magazine can be like that, I guess, in some circles.

Some of the other magazines piled up in my closet have my writing in them, so I guess I need to save them. But wouldn't it be nice to have clipped them already? Let go of that regret, Smitty. 

Live this one day only. 

De-cluttering. I can share more of my accomplishments, tomorrow,  if you promise not to be too bored.

In my approach I will doing an eclectic study of Fly Lady, who is huge on de-cluttering. Her devotees are all about having less stuff and more joy. May I catch that bug!

By the way, FLY means, Finally loving yourself. That would be just about right. I need less stuff in order to love myself more.


  1. I'm a FLY wannabe. De-cluttering, for me, can be freeing...

  2. Oh I like the FLY reference, thank you for explaining. :) I grew up in a home where everyone keep everything. I was the only one in my family of four that couldn't go to sleep until my room was spotless. My family still lives in piles and piles of "things" that have emotional value. Heavy baggage. I agree with Marcia, de-cluttering those boxes and baggage can be VERY freeing. It sounds like you are working hard to stay in the moment, keep it up!

  3. Heavy baggage. Yep I got that, Simply me. I love how you are different from your family. Maybe there is hope for me.

    Think about what you said, by the way, you could not go to sleep without a clean room.

    In my FOO, people are still sleeping...in the pullman car with their luggage right above them...

  4. And Marcia, I am going to keep your words in mind, too. I so wanna be free!

  5. Smitty, I've been feeling more and more like parting with a lot of things that we have. The house is neat and not cluttered but there is a part of me that likes the funky and eclectic and not so much of the old Virginia look. We shall see. Good luck with all the packing.


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