February 15, 2012

Non-Control, Powerlessness

Step One in EA (with my interpretations) in parentheses:    Admitted that we were powerless over our emotions, that (wielding power over our emotions) had  made our lives unmanageable  (i.e. thrown us off-course).  

Follow the Course

Power seduces.
Just navigate the river;
Discern the currents. ~ V Smitty

The best way to navigate through life is to give up all of our controls. Gerald Jampolsky


  1. So needed to read that tonight!! I have been under the delusion that I can control my emotions of sadness, hurt, anger, etc and run from them. Don't want them!!! What I have learned in the last month, which I felt resonanted in your post, is that I need to feel them, but give up trying to control them, not just sit in them, but allow them to flow in freely, accept them and let them pass. Powerless...oh yes. But there is such freedom in that admission. Thanks for the post

  2. Ah yes, we do tend to wallow in emotions... or try to work our way round them. Glad you see the freedom of admitting... accepting and allowing the energy to move through us...
    Powerlessness is not the helplessness we first think it is...

  3. Navigating the river and discerning the currents--I like that. I have control over myself but not other people. Thanks, Smitty.

  4. What I find most difficult with my depression over the last year is this persistent thought that nothing matters, that life is pointless. It leaves me with a feeling of emptiness and despair that is almost impossible to live with. I feel so crippled by my emotions as there are almost no moments of relief. I've been attending EA meetings for more than a year in Toronto, which provides a lot of hope. The number of members is dwindling, but I am always hopeful that the group will continue on.

  5. In this Moment, I appreciate your comment. Though I don't suffer from long depressions, in the past few days, I have your same thoughts. I recognized the thinking that hampers me, and which leads to suffering.

    You are not alone, and I am so glad you have an EA meeting to attend in your city! I find that there are times of year when numbers do dwindle in our face-to-face meeting. When I keep coming back, the meeting at the very least remains, so that others can be attracted to it, in their right time.

    Does your meeting ever talk about the power of a gratitude list? Looking for things in each day that bring joy, or small appreciation? Today I am grateful that the depression that made it impossible for me to even want to do my small bit in our home... is passing. My next caution sign, is to be careful with the anxiety that I can use to motivate myself out of depression.

    May today be ending on a good note for you,


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