February 25, 2012

Reflection on Step Four, Haiku

Courageous Inventory
With pen in hand I
Pored through my basement and found
Compost and treasure.
When your heart speaks, take good notes. ~Judith Campbell
Step Four: Made a searching and fearless (courageous) moral inventory of ourselves. I use the word, courageous, because  I learned in my program that "courage was fear that had said its prayers."

I love that the root, coeur, means heart. That made the selection of the above quote quite satisfying to me.


  1. When I did my first step four it was easy to see all my faults. These days I live in step 10 and sometimes my shortcomings aren't so obvious.

    It does take courage to continue to face the attitudes that hold us back. Admitting to ourselves or someone else the exact nature of our wrongs. I have found it is worth it.

  2. So, Grace, you are experiencing the promise of step five and the steps that build on it. That leads us to the promised land where our shortcomings are indeed less obvious. Living in Step
    Ten, I love that expression.

    You're setting my stage for the next step... admitting... the exact nature of our wrongs. Step Five..

  3. compost and treasure, for sure!

  4. I read that quote when your heart speaks take good notes just the other day... good advice.

  5. I like that statement of compost and treasure. Step Four takes a lot of courage. But well worth all of the angst and introspection.


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