April 29, 2012


I sometimes feel like my healing process is about untangling from the past.

I look at our move as one in which I am untangling  an extensive root mat so it can be transplanted.

I look at the pain in my right arm, shoulder, hand... as one in which I am learning to untangle dysfunctional muscles, so that I may eventually be able to move, pain-free again.

The massage therapist shared a hard-won lesson with me. She told me it had taken her most of her profession to learn it.  Her first instructor told her, "You cannot build strength in a muscle if there are triggers (muscle spasms from misuse) in the muscle."

Darn if my arm and shoulder aren't trying to say just that to me!  And I was finally able to tell the physical therapist that too. Kept thinking I was being lazy. No, my arm is just saying NO until it has had it's rest.

And it is also telling me when to stop using my fingers to type. I think I just reached the end of my tether. And my arm is saying no to editing too.

Please excuse any incorrect speech...

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