April 4, 2012

Tomorrow is another day, eh Eeyore?

Sometimes I am happy, knowing our family is going to be on a new adventure.  Other times I am sad that we are going to be needing to move from our current home in order to be a part of that adventure.

Then other days I am Eeyore, perplexed, thinking, "What adventure? I don't want to be Pollyanna!"

Then I have to express my condolences to my Eeyore and say, "It's all in how you look at it. Maybe tomorrow, Ee, you'll see the good?"


  1. One day at a time. This helps me not get too far in the future. I always say to myself this time next week, month or year I will be worried about something totally different. It is always true.

  2. you are invited to follow my blog

  3. Thanks, Steve, for the invitation. I tend to keep my spirituality to myself, as it is a indwelling practice for me.

    I try not to be right, or hold on too tightly to my belief. My Higher Power does not need me to spread an inerrant word. For me the Bible is history and poetry and metaphor, not words to be held onto too tightly either, or they cannot breathe.

  4. change is unsettling. Especially when you are in the midst of it.


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