January 4, 2013

Awakening to the Truth We are All a Part of

Mindfulness meditation is a gentle practice of awakening. Life opens us up, and we suddenly see the richness in what used to seem like  garbage. 

We see we are  in that sacred space, in the center of the world. Now you see that everyone that walks up to you is in that sacred place,   and it is not an accident. Whatever comes into the space is there to teach you. 

If you are in the program,  that is a spiritual practice that acts as a filter for everything that enters your sacred place. It is  good to stick with our one vehicle and go deeper and deeper and deeper. And that's when we begin to see the sacredness of everybody's wisdom and the fact that other people discover the same truths through many different avenues.

In this way, we see it is OK to be a single strand in a larger spiritual journey, in which we are kind of "braided together," for lack of a better phrase. I believe we are stronger for the interweave and I am grateful you are in this with me.

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  1. A single strand in a larger spiritual journey is a great way to put it.


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