February 19, 2013

Taming Your Mind: Stages in Pacifying

Number six, "pacifying," is instruction that specifically helps in dealing with negativity. When we see ourselves fed up, losing heart, admonishing ourselves over a mistake we make again and again, we recognize ours is the exactly the experience of a person who has committed to oneself the journey. You might say, "Oh there's this thing again, I thought I was done with it, by my goodness here it is!" Or, you can recognize what an opportunity it is to befriend yourself completely and thoroughly. 

Encourage yourself to practice pacifying. Just  be willing to wake yourself up and know that befriending oneself is very beneficial, very worthwhile and healing.
"Thoroughly pacifying" is very specific about obstacles and antidotes to mindfulness. In this seventh practice-- when you find that you are experiencing aggression, and resentment, bitter thoughts and angry plans--you emphasize the light wind of your out-breath. 

Spaciousness is the antidote for inability to focus, or for drowsiness. Think of all the space around your body that is beyond this room--so much space.  This brightens things up. Or you can raise your gaze slightly (remember, here it is good to keep slightly opened eyes.)

Appreciate how large the breath can become. If you get caught in passion or lust, go through your body from head to toe, feeling each part, and "come into your body to ground yourself." 

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