April 29, 2013

Consecrating my Program During Holy Week

It strikes me that, in its earliest stages, program  creates  bare ground which we cultivate by doing those preliminary steps.  Some of those who are just beginning this work,  may already be "blessed with new growth."

Even if your garden is as long-established as mine, there is still new ground and naturally, places that have gotten weedy. I've needed to rededicate my ground to my HP.

In this final week of Lent, let me look for the ways I have already been blessed, by this year's practice, and the new clearing I created for this study. Let me dedicate the fruits of my labor to my HP, while also appreciating whatever labors I have made personally!

This is a time to think of my cleared ground and its new growth, as holy.

I find it interesting to think of Moses' being called, out of his ordinary everyday work herding sheep, to the mountainous wilderness, where he saw a bush burning. Curiously, it was not consumed by flames.

In the midst of this wonder, Moses  heard his name called. Then he heard the order to remove his shoes. For he was on holy ground. Once he realized the enormity of the situation, and that this was his HP speaking, he had to close his eyes.

Removing his shoes, he exposes his tender feet to the holy ground. Only when he stops looking at God with his eyes, which are quick to judge,  is he  able to relate to God using his inner eye instead. 

Shoes removed, eyes closed, vulnerable, trusting, open---this is a way to approach what is holy in our lives, using our own inner eye.

"The land we stand on, the land we have worked ourselves, [can thus] be converted to a strange place, one transformed by God's presence."

Let me explore this new place, entrusting God to guide me and draw me closer to my own sacredness.

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  1. I think that the Earth is holy. I just wish that more of us would treat it so.


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