October 20, 2014

My First Letter to K's husband

Your beloved's cancer diagnosis
Made me want to serve her passions,
Pour her Spirit into my actions
and keep her forever in my heart.

She loved dogs, but I could not adopt one in time.

Instead, I asked for help in starting a garden.
How quickly my husband and son assembled
the sandbox-sized wood framed bed
and attached the trellis, for vines to climb.

It took them one afternoon.

It took me many tries, and trips to the landfill
To get sufficient compost and weathered leaves
To fill the frame deep enough 
To plant the asparagus, now moldy from waiting.

Your beloved said I might need to cut back the first year's growth, assuming of course that it would grow.

But I was afraid of any mistake
In the end, I let the lacy growth go unchecked
Though well-watered; meanwhile a volunteer 
Sunflower sprouted and developed..

A deceptively strong stem.

Wouldn't her one large, yellow flower inspire us
In August?  I pictured her too, producing seed.
In honor of our beloved, a way to have her 
Remain with us, beyond our wildest dreams. 

Surely she'd outstay her diagnosis, my miracle friend?

But no. Instead, so many people gathered 
To celebrate this beloved life, on Labor Day weekend.
We were invited to tell the good stories we 
Experienced of her.  I did, in my mind, alone.

I can still remember quite a few. Can't you?

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