November 1, 2015

November 1, All Soul's Day, with a Teen

Living with an alcoholic teen, brings with it special problems that may take many forms. If it is the teen's erratic behavior, social embarrassment, and other relatively minor problems, it is but a short step, in our program, to peace of mind for the non-teen.

In some families that are raising teens, the family may be suffering from deeper problems, like police action and need for public assistance. (Yikes, heavy stuff.)

Indignant at such sufferings, some of us in the program may feel it right and helpful to advise drastic action. I need to keep in mind that the person I am most wanting to help will not be helped by decisions made in hysteria or desperation. I need to remember there is a place for God in all of this.

I need to remember program helps me, because I reach in, for inner peace and structure, first.

Today's Reminder

Even in cases that seem hopeless to me, I will refrain from making judgments and giving advice. If I can persuade myself (or anyone else) to understand and use the program in working with their alcoholic teen, even for a little while, the resulting change in attitude could help to make the right solutions possible.

Imagine this prayer, "God grant that I may never urge anyone to take action but  the constructive one, of employing ideas from the program of Al-anon."

The above is gently paraphrased from One Day at a Time in Alanon, at the advice of a program friend, who suggested I replace each reference to alcoholic, with the word, teen.   (OK,  BTess. Done.)

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