January 18, 2016

Step One leads to Step Two

Admitting powerlessness has, for many, been a tough call. It was for me as well, especially as I got to feeling better.  But, I can also admit powerlessness now, even when I am on the road to healing. Especially there.  Because by letting go of the need to control, I find peace of mind in working with my Higher Power.  The power of H.O.W. is not by my will alone--rather it is harnessed by my willingness to let go of the reins and let God be in charge.  That is the force of sanity in my life...

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  1. I like letting go of my desire to control what cannot be controled. Really much of anything. The word powerless never sat well with me I didn't like it either when I found out most of what I was trying to control was none of my business. I used the word "helping" to justify my actions. Now it doesn't matter the words it just matters that I see what I am doing that is hurting me.


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