March 6, 2010

Smitty's ESH: The Week Just Past

I took a break this week, bringing my program away from the computer. Time away is good, restorative.

Since beginning this blog, I've largely focused on sharing from the Al-anon literature that most inspires my program today. This has been a helpful constraint, but I am eager to explore some parts of myself that are hindering me. I've got a whole list of shortcomings and some bad habits in thinking that I would like to ditch.

But alas, I do best if I am patient and focus on one or two hinderances at at time. Program tells me that awareness is the first step to lasting change, that can be orchestrated by a Higher Power.

I saw again how I go between two poles, procrastination and relentless whip cracking. I want to be in joy, but when it comes to challenges, like preparing for a new project, I still use fear as a motivator, and think of joy as a luxury.

The week behind was a fine luxury. My old thinking would put fear in me--that I won't want to go back to my workday life as a writer, mom, and home nurturer. My old thinking would have me believe that I don't deserve a break today or any day, unless I have something to "show" for myself.

I am not a good enough writer. Housekeeper. Mom. Friend.... to have deserved time "off."

That alone is a piece of stinking thinking that was helped by a week off and a little "love light".

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