May 6, 2010

Fingernails continued...

I thought I was moving beyond the bad habit of biting my nails... gaining understanding of my motivations as I watched the wake behind me.

This evening, after discovering I have misplaced my cell phone...I found myself slipping into the other bad habit.. of picking my cuticles.

What a compulsion. And what unspoken thoughts fed into that behavior! I could not stop the worrying at my imperfections..

What masterpiece of words and understanding can come out of these destructive habits that feel so familiar and yet so painful?

I find this so perplexing~ sigh.


  1. One other thing was that I didn't like the pain of having bitten down to the quick nails. They hurt. And also looked terrible. I quit in my teens. The obsession to bite was gone. Maybe there is a 12 step program for biters.

  2. A twelve step program for biters! You make me smile.

    But really, this is just another addiction, is it not?


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