May 9, 2010

Reflections on Two Very Different Mother's Days

I enjoyed a reflective day, got exercise with my son and husband at the Y, had a good EA-step meeting (step four) and a wonderful dinner out at an Indian restaurant.

For once I did not feel guilty for the joy I experienced or the money my family spent on me.

I am very grateful that this Mother's day is so much saner than last one. Last year I was a guilty and fearful wreck, and I had a hard time feeling worthy of celebrating. I felt alienated from my mother and I had not made peace yet with my new understanding of her dis-ease and my powerlessness over it.

Even more terrible was that someone in our own town had become a killer on the run. He shot (and killed) three people in our town, including his wife. He buried himself just a few miles from where we live. He left two sweet children parentless. One was a sweet girl in my son's class at school.

Tonight I can say a hopeful prayer that the children have been woven into their life in a bigger city where they live with an aunt and uncle. I pray that love heals, and that they have more than enough love to flourish.

I hope that if your day has been planned around being a mom, honoring one, or making peace with one, that it was a satisfying endeavor.

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  1. Good post Smitty. I remembered my mother and honored another's mother today. Where would we be without those who gave birth to us and nurtured us?


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