June 6, 2010

Meditation: Step Eleven

Let me never underestimate that, because of my humanness, my tolerance for discomfort is very low. Let me be encouraged to stay with my emotional vulnerability, when it appears to challenge me. Encouragement helps me to sit and be mindful to my inner state, no matter how turbulent.

Getting in touch with my thoughts and emotions can be done at the same time as I tune into my body, when I sit in meditation. Sitting in meditation is a faith practice. Watching as my mind quiets, is a practice of patience, that over time becomes lasting faith. By sitting even a short time each day, I am becoming friends with me, and more and more able to really love my neighbor as my self.

Yet, as we decide to take the meditation journey it is also important to let go of expectations that it will benefit us. Meditation may, in fact, reinforce false beliefs if we think it will fix us. We don't meditate to feel good; we meditate to accept ourselves as we are. From that acceptance we can use strange program tools, like "acting as if". The paradox of the program is this: when we find ourselves closer to self-acceptance, necessary changes come from a place of love and ease.

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  1. LOVE your thoughts on acceptance, and that changes CAN take place with less pain, less hardship, less turmoil. In fact, change often produces a serenity heretofore unknown to me!


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