July 19, 2010

Smitty's Appreciation of How Great We Are

As members of an 12-step fellowship, we have a variety of ways to participate-via meetings: from face-to-face to skype, chat rooms, and list serves like this. We also read, meditate and pray using program principles in the privacy of our homes, houses of worship and at work. All of these ways of participating in our 12-step fellowship make us part of a world-wide network, all working towards the same goal: to build better lives for ourselves and those around us. Imagine the power for good that is created by just such a fellowship.

What I do in my recovery is helping others I may never know, and they are helping me. It fills me with awe that members of our fellowship are on many continents, from countries like Germany, Russia, and Australia. All of us are brothers and sisters in this recovery path we call Emotions Anonymous.

It matters not our nationality, our race, or religion, or our economic status--we are all members of a great loving fellowship.

As I talk with my hometown friends about Emotions Anonymous, I can remind myself that I am part of something much bigger than our group of 3-8 people. I will remember and send thoughts to those in our hundreds of groups around the world. This exchange of good will enriches us all.

"Ours is truly a movement of the spirit, and I firmly believe that the unity of the world, in understanding and peace, could come from these efforts."

This share was inspired by coincidence (God's way of being anonymous) in a chance reading today from the first daily reader in Al-anon. How universal the reading seems! What feels so right about sharing this, is that I was inspired earlier to share my appreciation for my Emotions Anonymous list serve. This reading intensified my desire to share a second helping of appreciation.

May we all grow in recovery.

Best, Smitty

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