October 21, 2010

Faith: Ask and You Shall Receive

Need Faith?  Many wise Program members say, "Surrender your lack of faith to your Higher Power, and ask for faith."

The author of October 21st reading says, "I know I am powerless, but I feel so helpless." He learned from those before him, that  "Powerless does not mean helpless. In fact, it can lead us to a source of enormous power--the power to do God's will."

Were you ever unsure of what God wanted you to do, even after praying for guidance?   A loving Sponsor might say, "God doesn't speak in code. As for clarity and then trust that you will get it when the time is right."   

When in doubt, I am learning that the answer is to ask.  I need to find a way to ask that is not simply pleading, "Please make my dysfunctional person stop criticizing." Today I will meditate for a few minutes on what I need, and then I will ask a Power greater than myself to help me with it.

We may all struggle with our idea of a Higher Power. Have you learned to ask questions that give you answers?  

I do not pray for success, I ask for faithfulness. Mother Theresa


  1. instead of directly asking for what i want, i thank my higher power for giving it to me. for example, instead of asking my higher power for patience, i say ... thank you for giving me patience. i 'act as if' i already have it. instead of asking that my HP gives my ex a pass into a free clean and sober living place, i say . . . thank you for showing R your will with regard to his living situation.

    i hope this makes sense! i learned it from the book "tweak" and also from this article:


  2. Thank you Pam, I will look at this link soon.... Appreciate your stopping by and sharing what works for you.

    Best, Smitty

  3. Sometimes, it helps me to say this prayer of gratitude.

    "Thanks HP, for helping me turn my thoughts to more productive ends, towards my Love and not my Fear."


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