October 27, 2010

God's Love, Let Me Bring it Closer

One night, seeking solitude and reflection, I went out to look at the sky. It was crystal clear and full of millions of stars.   I felt both my tininess and the enormity of the twinkling heavens. That is when I realized, no matter how many of us were looking up that night, this experience of connection to the universe was there for all of us.  As today's author of CTC says, "There was enough [sky] for everyone." I agree, too that "the same [is] true of God's love and guidance. No matter how many people seek God's help, there is always enough to go around."

 As a person who was taught (and still believes) that there is never enough time, money, love, or me to go around,   I need this message. 

It helps me to realize that when someone speaks about his Higher Power with a personal love and intensity, that this does not leave less of God's love for me.  In fact, when others share of their intimacy with God, I feel myself draw closer and appreciate my own conscious contact with my Higher Power. There is enough care and love to go around and around and around..

While I may not have everything I desire..  let me see, just for today, that I have everything I need. Let me perceive the abundance around me, and refrain from envying anyone else's abundance.  "[My] Higher Power's love is broad enough to touch all who have the courage to place themselves in its presence."

"I can learn to avail myself of the immense, inexhaustible power of God, if I am willing to be continually conscious of God's nearness."  One Day at a Time in Al-anon


  1. Well I went to the dentist today, 3rd visit in the last7 days- and I hate it! that said, the out come is great- I have a good bite now and my teeth actually look nice for once in my life!
    So the tussle was with fear and not projecting.
    I used the St Francis prayer on the way over,
    and was able to side step some of my
    self-centeredness ! I did prayers for other people and soothed the younger part of myself somewhat-I guess that is growth 'One day at a time'

  2. Izzy, I love the St. Francis prayer! I say it when I am challenged by anger.

    I also found that belly breathing has helped me be less vigilant at the dentist. When I sat there and breathed really deeply.... the last time I was at the dentist, he noted it. I was surprised to hear him say, "You couldn't have done that two years ago."

    Learning to trust my breath and its calming properties has been the best part of my learning lately. Step eleven..... and trust...


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