October 18, 2010

Let It Begin With Me, Taking Care

Saturday's reading from Courage to Change is a reminder to me today:

"Ours is a program of action in which we recognize that we have choices about what we do with our time. A bubble bath, a massage, an Al-anon call, a bike ride, or a nap might be constructive ways to fill time that might otherwise be wasted on worry." 

This weekend I had a slip. Reality did not meet my expectations and so I skinned my emotional knees really badly.  I dealt with several stressful situations pretty well, but all I could do was see my inadequacies, telling myself over and over that someone else would have done them better.  I did not find a place in my messy weekend to give positive feedback to myself.

I do so want to change the circumstances of my thinking!  Right now I am telling myself, that, if  I had a clean home and everything were in its place, THEN I would have permission to be kind to myself. Or if I had been a better meeting leader and teacher, I could have a focus that would help myself feel good now.

Today then, can I do something to cherish the person that was injured emotionally this weekend. I can put it on my to-do list, to nurture my mind, body or spirit. 
I've already been graced by conversation with a dear friend.  

I could take care of myself by going to the pool for joyous exercise, or a walk outside

"Even though I may be powerless to change my circumstances, I certainly am not helpless. I can use my time to do something good for myself. When I treat myself with love and tenderness,  I am better able to deal with the challenges that life presents." 

I can find ways to love myself, even when the crisis at hand could have been prevented by different thinking, yesterday. 

This is my affirmation for today, 

"One of my primary responsibilities is to take care of myself. I will find a small way to do something for my mind, body and spirit today."

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  1. I understand those emotional slips. We aren't perfect for sure. I am glad to have the tools to help me get back on track.


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