October 31, 2010

Unmask, this Halloween!

Today's reading in Emotions Anonymous went right to the heart of our human tendency --- to mask our true selves when showing up in the world.

It's "Halloween - the traditional day for disguises and masquerades."

Have I  been "wearing masks and showing a phony facade" the other days of the year? 
Maybe that's been because "pride [was] at the root of this deception."  If I am self-deceived, it's usually pride " disguising itself as a virtue."

Pride can create set backs in my recovery. "It slows my growth and gives me a false sense of security."  Forward is way I want to go.  So each day I gently reveal pride,  so it won't hide my faults from me and keep me from helping myself and others.  

Let me realistic enough to accept my assets without covering them with false pride.

"I am through with masks and masquerading - except at Halloween parties. "

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. [Otherwise, y]ou trade in your reality for a role, you give up your ability to feel, and [in] exchange, put on a mask.  Jim Morrison

This is adapted from:  TODAY BOOK, (emotionsanonymous.org) "(C)Copyright Emotions Anonymous (Third printing, 1991)."


  1. Both posts for yesterday were fun! Belated Happy Halloween!

  2. Not wearing a mask of "all is well" is something that I have to work on often. I let my sponsor know exactly what is wrong but with others outside Al-Anon, I am cautious.


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