November 17, 2010

Coming Back for More

"Keep coming back" is a phrase we often  in our program. That's because sometimes it may not be readily apparent to newcomers that "this simple program" can have long term effects on emotional illnesses too. The doctors may put the emphasis on our  taking a pill. That kind of willingness may initially important. But rarely does any illness come without some emotional messages for us.    All that sitting still in a meeting and listening, can show us it is safe to be open about our feelings.  Sojourning awhile instead of looking for quick answers might do us good. It is OK to take the action of listening and pondering a different way to live.   

As today's CTC author says, it begins with our feeling "just enough relief at our first meeting to come back once more. And then again, and again.  Slowly we learned to sit still, to listen, and to heal."

The reminder to just keep coming back is a good one, no matter how secure I might be in my recovery. The storms of life come and go, even after long-term program study. I don't mind a review and I feel no shame when I stumble today and need a hand. I love this reminder from a Al-anon, that "there is no situation too difficult to be bettered, and no unhappiness too great to be lessened."

I've felt discouraged lately, revisiting my trigger emotions and thoughts this past few days. I was glad to attend  my noon Al-anon meeting today. We were all women,  and it felt so much a part of a healthy family. We talked about the First Step and Self-Will and I was not alone.  When I take my life one day at a time, and keep coming back for more recovery,  my life always improves. 

I find after a meeting I am more in touch with my environment and my relations with other people improve. The program, especially the face-to-face aspects, has something for me. 

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  1. I am glad that I kept coming back. It has changed my life in many ways.


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