November 16, 2010

Can You Let Go and Let God?

Ever tried to "let go and let God," but been unable to do it? Maybe it is necessary to give the slogan a concrete image. Today's CTC offers, "I heard someone share at a meeting that she pictured her loved ones on a beach, basking in the light of a Higher Power."

I am grateful that program has taught me to take what I like and leave the rest. The beach scene was not my cup of tea, but it gave me a point of departure. Often I find the "experience, strength and hope" shared by a fellow group member  leads me to find my own answer.   I agree with the author, "I find it important to be very specific. After all, my fears and worries are specific."

What if I use the author's mental picture of their loved one being wrapped in their own special blanket, one they especially like--silk sheets, a quilt, a fleece Christmas print--and hand them over to my Higher Power for care.   "With a clear picture of my loved ones in a Higher Power's care, I am much more able to truly let go and let God."  

I've been anxious about my son lately, and very much in need of my Higher Power's help.  I have fought hard with my fear this past 24 hours, and saw how once I stopped fighting, fear released its hold on me. Turning at last to take a nap, helped me to turn myself over to my HP, and freed us all, husband, son and me.

"Let Go and Let God" teaches us to release problems that trouble and confuse us because we are not able to solve them by ourselves."  This is Al-anon


  1. I used to have to shake off fears- literally-
    flinging them off. Repeatedly if need be!
    Then envisioning leaving them in HP's lap.
    Walking on- Thanks.

  2. Izzy! Thanks for the image of shaking off fears. I will keep it tucked away as a possibility for next time (as sure it will come again). It was weird yesterday, but I lay down for my nap and I embraced my fears and comforted the One inside me that had been afraid this past few days... sleep was what I needed in order to quell my anxiety...

  3. I found that the serenity prayer said over and over helped me.


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