November 20, 2010

The Power of Creativity

Nice coincidence here in the reading. This is helpful as I missed my meeting today. As I am tired,  I will just keep it short, sharing some from what's written in November 19th's CTC:

"For years I lamented the absence of a label that would identify the soul sickness that brought me to the fellowship....As I continue on the never-ending path of spiritual progress, I will expand my view of recovery." 

Part of my recovery has been accepting that I have some maladaptive coping mechanisms from living with family member whose life was affected by trauma.  As a result, I've had some ways of coping that are quite outdated. I've encountered those ruts again, created by years of thwarted thinking that no longer serves me.    Let me stop trying to correct the path of the world, and let myself heal first. 

"The real goal I am striving for in Al-anon is an overall sense of wellness.Today, when I say I'm a grateful member of Al-anon, I'm not zeroing in on one particular problem but rather participating in a whole host of solutions that can lead to emotional, physical, and spiritual health."

In Al-anon, we believe life is for growth, both mental and spiritual.


  1. Changing the bottom line- the inner message-
    (or messages) takes volumes of effort and repetition...However it does work ! I wanted to be safe and also 'peaceful'.I came from an extremely chaotic family; talented and intelligent but buried in pain-so the 12 steps
    of recovery provided me a good solid foundation
    rebuild on. Establishing and maintaining balance
    so we can continue to grow is tough at times
    but well worth the effort given where I started!

  2. Yes, that is a challenge for me, right now!

  3. I like that life is for growth and for living. How great is that?


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