December 10, 2010

Power of self-acceptance

I just want to share that I have been in a place where I could not post as regularly as I have in the past.

The quote from today's Courage to Change is inspirational to me. I am beginning to pray again, and am working on renewed faith in my Higher Power, by looking for the good.

The quote at the end of today's reading is from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  and it reads, "He that respects himself is safe from others; he wears a coat of mail that none can pierce."

I do desire the self-respect that keeps me safe and sound.  I've a doctor's appointment today that is going to give me a chance to look at how I will use certain tools outside the program to get well, after having stumbled right around the Thanksgiving holidays.

I think it is now that I must really accept that humility is not something unkind, that I do to myself.  It is something my Higher Power gives me each time I admit that I am just as capable of being brought to my knees, as any newcomer to our program.

Each time we revisit our beginnings, we have the potential to learn something new.  This time around the steps, I am already seeing my life in a new context.


  1. There is a lesson in everything whether I want or think I need a lesson. Lessons in humility can seem harsh sometimes. But for me being humble enables me to accept the gifts given by others and we both benefit. I am always more comfortable giving than receiving. I think sometimes when I hit a road block it is a sign that I need to slow down and take care of myself. I have missed your posts.

  2. This lesson is particularly tough. Taking care of myself one day at a time, after sliding on the holidays. I wanted to make contact with my parents and feel guilty that this was not possible. Guilt is particularly a hard emotion, or is it an emotion?

  3. I realized this morning, AGAIN- that my Higher Power, wants what is best and even: most-creative-and-fun; for this tiny speck of creation....
    God of my understanding, is loving and well
    wishing...Growth is not always unpleasant!
    For me, Humility, is a clear and right sized portrait of who I am today...Thanks!

  4. I am glad to read you again. Every day can be restarted if I am willing. I have heard the saying "Screw guilt". It is a useless waste of energy for me.


I welcome your thoughts. Keep me honest~