November 2, 2010

Tomorrow is Another Day

I am grateful be able to accept that my perception can change (and quickly!), from feeling like my day was feeling not good enough and being very aware of all that remains undone.

This would be a good time to beat myself up, and tear down whatever good self-image I might have.

Today I know the difference that HALT can make.

Am I Hungry, Angry (Anxious), Lonely or Tired?

 I ate well at dinner, but I did not get great sleep last night. And I feel lonely for a few reasons that I can't go into right now,  but that I know are an over reaction from said lack of sleep. As I corralled my son in the direction of bed, I felt that body wave that reminded me of anxiety. And the emotion got my attention too. It kept me from wanting to show up and be present with him. But I was present anyways and that felt better.

Anxious, Lonely and Tired are enough red flags for me to pay attention and stop for the day.  I am going to unplug from things electronic, and let myself sleep so that good cognition can be experienced in the morning.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I am ready to stop for the day as well. I will get by tomorrow to read your posts. It has been a kind of mini HALT week for me. Lots to do and going on.

  2. Syd, Appreciate the serendipity in your stopping by yesterday. I always appreciate your thoughtful responses, when you're on your writing focus.


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