November 11, 2010

What is in My Power?

I am really grateful for this one-day-at-a-time program.  When I learn to live this day only, I become more realistic about what is in my power. 

Even in approaching problems, today I accept that "This too shall pass."  I used to have such  fear,  believing I was irresponsible if I did not solve a problem immediately. I thought that without my prompt action, each problem would remain--forever!  Everything passes eventually, even problems. Knowing that some problems solve themselves, has helped me to stop, look, and listen.. to Reason, and not my Fear. 

The program encourages my "reasoning things out" with a program buddy or coming to a meeting for perspective. Am I truly focused on the present, or am I feeling guilt about the past and worry about the future, instead?  Once I get back in the present, "I do what I can and turn over the rest."

By asking myself, "What can I do about this now?" I can see more manageable ways to move a problem to resolution.  I am better able to see my responsibility and see where I actually have influence.  

Today, when I am faced with difficult problems, I am better able to see where my responsibility lies.  I improve things in smaller increments, and feel a good deal less urgency. I listen to my inner voice, knowing there are program tools I can use to deal with my challenges today.  I will let my Higher Power take care of tomorrow. 

"Today is only a small manageable section of time in which our difficulties need not overwhelm us. This lifts from our hearts and minds the heavy weight of both past and future."  One Day at a Time in Al-anon


  1. Reaching out is such a valuable thing! although I do not always trust my thinking, I do trust my gut and heart! Keeping it in today and letting go of results- certainly strengthens us- Thanks.

  2. Izzy, thank you for reaching out. I used to trust my thinking more than my gut. Today, I am more inclined to "Think" in the manner of the program. That is, not in isolation, and not without consulting someone with more perspective than myself.

  3. Regular contact with my sponsor helps me when I am having difficulty. I have enough program tools to reason things out but know that sharing with my sponsor or others in Al-Anon helps me to get to deeper reasoning and provides a fresh perspective.


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