February 11, 2011

February 9: Keeping it Simple

(Adapted for personal use from Courage to Change in Alanon.)

Is my work highly stressful, my time was always limited? Do I have the too many other people’s expectations in my head all the time? What about my dysfunctional family member?  Am I still trying to fix my relationship with them?

I'm an intense person, with high expectations for myself. Too high  The topic “Keep It Simple,” is often a good reminder for me. 

I've decided the top priority for the unmanageability in my life, is to recover from the effects of trying to please my dysfunctional family member. I can't eliminate all the stress from my life, but I'm trying to simplify it whenever I could. In my case, it has meant letting go of some social activities, making time for meditation, taking one one writing assignment at a time. For my sanity, I am leaving some household chore undone each day. This new way of life won't be forever, but it will give me me the time necessary for my emotional and spiritual health.

I'm curious to find out all the many ways I can learn to keep things simple in the months ahead.  Once I have a handle on keeping it simple, I may be able to handle my dysfunctional family member with more serenity too. Right now, keeping things simple means taking a break from them. 

If I am feeling anxious or falling short of serenity, "I may be trying to do too much. Today I will try to keep it simple."

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary, so that the necessary may speak.” Hans Hofmann

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