February 7, 2011

Meditation, One Day at a Time

My Commitment
I am renewing my commitment this month to study and practice meditation each day. I already like my first taste of meditation, as I practiced nearly every day in January.  I'm glad that 2011 got off to a slow start, with its focus on allowing my HP to "restore me to sanity." I am grateful that I answered the "call" to slow down.
So far it's been twenty minutes "on the mat" each day-- time spent with my HP, nurturing myself with the breath. My current month of meditation is giving me another 28 days to observe myself day by day, removing the obstacles to loving kindness towards myself and others.  
My daily practice may sometimes be like watching myself on a movie screen, as I play back all the drama of my day.  A chance to see myself with all my juiciness and foibles.  I might even recognize some of the ways I do things are those I most often criticize others for!   
When I notice my resentments towards others, I get a preview of what lies ahead for me in Step Four.  Later, I will be readying for the practice of Step Nine, making amends as I can. I suspect I may find that the first person on my list will be myself.
I can be inquisitive in my daily prayer and meditation. Day-by-day the practice encourages me to take responsibility for my errors (Step Ten). Gradually my meditation practice seeps into all aspects of daily life (Step Eleven). It is through awareness of my breath (such a simple thing?), that I learn more about my human nature as I read, as I walk, as I listen, as I do mundane tasks.
Thanks for reading and by reading, encouraging me to keep my commitment, one day at a time.  In starting any new practice, I need never hold it against myself if I miss a day. I can start again and renew my commitment at any time... Whenever I "fail" myself or a commitment, I have the special opportunity to be curious about "how" I failed...

Best, Smitty


  1. I have a hard time meditating but I too am making it a daily practice now. I started at 2 minutes and even that was difficult!

    I find guided meditation works best for me, helps keep me off rabbit trails....

    Good for you!

  2. Guided meditation also works for me. I trust that as time goes by I will be able to ride the meditation bicycle with no trainers...


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