March 31, 2011

March 31, In Growing Up, Remember the Power of Fun

It's true. I have learned to grow up through these programs.  I've learned to see the world as it is.  I've discovered its freeing to take responsibility for my actions. 

Today I lost our family checkbook.  I could not find it anywhere, so I took time tonight to make a list of all the places I had been since I last used it today.  Tomorrow I will call all the businesses and libraries I visited.

I agree with the author of today's CTC:  "We deal with our feelings and share honestly about our experiences. We learn about ourselves and nurture our spiritual growth and our physical and mental well-being. We become responsible adults." 

In just this way, I was able to deal with the feelings that came up in misplacing our checkbook, without being too hard on myself.  Before  I came into program, episodes like this would have derailed me all evening. I would still be chastising myself a blue streak.  

"An important part of the serious business of recovery involves recognizing our need to have fun--to take a trip, fly a kite, attend a concert, make noise, race down the street or blow bubbles. Light-heartedness can put troublesome situations into perspective. It reminds us that there is more to life than the problem at hand."

So today, when I could do nothing more after making my list, I put aside serious business and even my recovery, to have a little fun on Facebook. I updated my profile picture and posted my latest textile project:three knitted washcloths "posing" on a metal love seat in our front yard. Maybe I will share these here, when I figure out how.

Taking myself too seriously would not have solved my problem any quicker.  I had some good laughs in trying to figure out how to do simple things on Facebook. I'm hoping that sleeping on the mystery may also be helpful.

Program has taught me that a well-developed sense of humor helps me suffer less, even during the most troubling times.  Personal struggles and triumphs are kept in perspective, when I avoid taking myself too seriously.

Laughter is powerful medicine for perspective. How important is it? OK, DH is concerned, and I care about his feelings too. So, I need to hold that laughter for the moment of relief!

"Anything you lose, automatically doubles in value." Mignon McLaughlin

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