April 1, 2011

Choosing Peace, Not the Maelstrom

Living through each day requires gentleness. One day at a time we put aside the unhappy memories of the past and save our imagination for making the best of today (not worrying about the future, which only hurts us.)  

As March 31st in ODAT shares, program really boils down to this:   "Be good to yourself." 

We are being good to ourselves when we refuse to be disturbed by the words and actions of dysfunctional family members. 

Being good to myself in trying circumstances means I do my best to stay happy and find joyous and strengthening things to do and share with others who appreciate my efforts.

My personality disordered family member does not know any better than to attack me, in order to give vent to their "own agonizing guilt."   I will remove myself from the maelstrom of their dysfunctional thinking, to take care of myself. Beginning with this moment, I make a commitment to be good to myself right now, no matter what.  

Only when I fulfill my responsibility to myself, can I help others.  If there is to be peace on earth, it needs to begin with me.   


  1. Thank you, that was an excellent reminder for me.

  2. Being good to ourselves is so powerful!

  3. I am much better about being good to myself today. I used to beat myself up terribly.


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