March 27, 2011

My Personal Power, and the Traditions

March 27th CTC

I used to think that in order to be a good daughter I had to put up with my borderline parent.   This was the only way I knew how to be a family member.   (My borderline parent just gave me a call and... I had to say good-bye when she launched into a tirade about how bad I and her younger sister were as teenagers. Sigh.)

I am glad to say that the fellowship of my program has helped me to detach from my dysfunctional family. My Al-anon family group has become my family of choice.  

"Our twelve traditions help me learn how a healthy family group functions. Today when a problem involving other people arises, I turn to the Traditions for guidance."

The Traditions have helped me learn discipline and social skills,  have helped me be a functioning member of  a group that encourages my growth. They have helped me learn me to detach, "to respect other people's privacy, and to find some release from my need to dominate or people please. Through my understanding of the Twelve Traditions, "I have discovered that I am an important member of any group in which I take part.   I have a sense of my own value, as well as my limitations." Today I am better able to know what I can change and what I must simply accept.   I no longer accept being mistreated!

Our traditions are founded on spiritual principles. They apply in my personal life as well as in groups to which I belong.  Using the Traditions offers me guidance in even the most complicated dealings with other people.   

"The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions embody principles that lead to recovery and personal growth, helping each of us to discover and become the person we want to be."

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  1. Thanks Cindy. Glad it struck a chord!

  2. I love the traditions. They are how I learn about relationships with others.

  3. Amazing how structure offers such freedom...


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